An effective and permanent form of ID for dogs and cats.

Microchipping is a permanent pet identification system that is safe, simple, cheap and effective. It is designed to quickly identify pets, and using a database, reunite them with their owners. Every pet will receive a unique number. This number goes in a local database that we can link to owners and veterinarians along with the pet’s information. Microchips are a proven way to successfully recover your pet if he or she should become lost. 

What is a microchip for dogs and cats?

A microchip is a small transponder that contains a unique ID code number. It requires no battery and remains active for the entire length of your loyal companion’s life. Microchips are safe for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. It is safe for puppies and kittens, as well as older pets who may wander away from home. The microchip is placed under the skin with a simple injection by a veterinarian or technician. Once your dog or cat has a microchip, we will enroll them in a national animal recovery database so you can be notified if they are recovered from being lost or stolen. You can easily update the information in the database if you move or change phone numbers. Thousands of veterinarians, animal clinics, and shelters use a hand-held scanner to scan lost cats and dogs.

How soon can my cat/dog be microchipped?

Your cat or dog should be at least 8-weeks-old before they are microchipped. Once they’ve reached this age, they can be microchipped at any time, even in their senior years. We encourage you to speak with our team to arrange an appointment at 705-885-7387.

How much does it cost to have my cat or dog microchipped?

We encourage you to contact us at 705-885-7387 to discuss the cost of microchipping.

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